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Hamidiye Fountain

The historical fountain, built during the reign of the Ottoman Emperor Abdulhamid II, was moved from its place during a number of past arrangements and was re-installed to its present place. The fountain made of Ankara stone has antique columns on both sides of the triangular pediment. The moon-star motif on the mirror of the fountain with relief decorations, bowls and faucets is remarkable. If you want to see this Ottoman fountain in Ulus, you can find it just behind the Column of Julian. For this trip, we recommend you spend at least 30 minutes combined with the Julian Column in the immediate vicinity.

How to get there? It takes 30-40 minutes by bus and 15-20 minutes by taxi when there is no traffic. You can take the bus to Ulus from Uğur Mumcu Street where Hotel SAMM is located.

Adress: Çankırı Caddesi, Armutlu Sokak, Ankara Valiliği Meydanı, Ulus, Ankara

Visiting hours: You can visit every day at every hour. (We recommend you not to choose late hours.)

Free of charge