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Column of Julian

The Julian Column was erected in 362 in honor of the Roman Emperor Julian’s visit to Ankara. However there are claims that it was constructed later. Column rises on a square pedestal. This unique architectural structure is 15 meters high and has many grooved ring-shaped white stones on top of its body; but it looks like one piece. Its head is decorated with leaves and its base and body are very simple. It has a Corinthian column cap model, with one face broken. The well-preserved Julian Column from the Roman period is popularly known as the Belkis Minaret. We recommend that you spend at least 10 minutes on the column and then continue your visit with the Augustus Temple nearby.

How to get there? It takes 30-40 minutes by bus and 15-20 minutes by taxi when there is no traffic. You can take the bus to Ulus from Uğur Mumcu Street where Hotel SAMM is located.

Adress: Çankırı Caddesi, Çam Sokak, Ankara Valiliği Meydanı, Ulus, Ankara

Visiting hours: You can visit every day at every hour. (We recommend you not to choose late hours.)