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The functional diversity of Tunalı Hilmi Street, Arjantin Street, Filistin Street broadens to Uğur Mumcu Street where Hotel SAMM is located. Among this rich diversity of cafes, pubs, stores of local and foreign brands, multi-storey KARUM Shopping Center, Ankara Çankaya Houses shopping center, you can easily find one appealing for you. You will be able to meet any kind of your shopping needs, banks, florists, furniture and home decoration stores, etc. only at a walking distance.

If you want to join the art & cultural life of the city, Contemporary Arts Center, Siyah- Beyaz Gallery, which is the oldest gallery of Ankara, Akün and Şinasi Theatre Halls are also at a walking distance to the Hotel SAMM.

Another feature offered by this diversity is that you can go to Kuğulu Park on Tunalı Hilmi Street, Seğmenler Park or Botanik Park to get away from the dynamic atmosphere of the area. You can exercise, lie and read a newspaper on benches or grass. In other words, you can enjoy your time in nature, away from the turmoil of daily life.

Being a part of the city!

How far are we to the nearby attractions?

  • Tunalı Hilmi  Street  (2,1 km)
  • Karum Shopping Mall (1,4 km)
  • Panora Shopping Mall and Life Center (7,2 km)
  • 365 Shopping Mall (2,8 km)
  • AnıtKabir  (Atatürk’s Monumental Tomb), Atatürk and Independence War Museum (5,5 km)
  • Old City-Ulus : Roma Bath (7,5 km),
  • Column of Julien (6,9 km),
  • Temple of Augustus (7,6 km),
  • Hacı Bayram Mosque (7,7 km)
  • Indepence War Museum (6,6 km),
  • Republic Museum (6,8 km)
  • Ankara Castle (6,5 km),
  • Alaeddin Mosque (6,3 km)
  • Anatolian Civilizations Museum (7,2 km)
  • Rahmi M. Koç Museum (5,9 km),
  • Çukurhan (5,9 km) and Safranhan (5,7 km)
  • Aslanhane Mosque (5,7 km)
  • Pilavoğlu Han (6 km), Pirinç Han (5,6 km)
  • State Art and Sculpture Museum (5,7 km),
  • Ethnography Museum (5,6 km)
  • Hamamönü (5,5 km)
  • Chess Museum (7,3 km)
  • PTT Stamp Museum (6,1 km)
  • Salt Ulus (6,1 km)
  • Cer Modern (7,5 km)
  • Siyah Beyaz Galeri (2,3 km)
  • War of Independence Atatürk’s Residence and Railways Museum (7,4 km)
  • MTA Natural History Museum (7,9 km)
  • Contemporary Arts Museum (2,8 km)
  • Aqua Vega Aquarium (8,5 km)