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Welcome to the magical world of jazz music!

Hotel SAMM has been maintaining its Jazz adventure for more than a decade. It started with the theme “Jazz Suits Ankara” in its bistro. Between November and June, numerous Jazz vocals and Jazz musicians from Turkey and all around the world meet jazz-lovers in Ankara.

Settings off with the idea of “grow the love for jazz in Ankara“, Hotel SAMM pursues this aim by serving as a meeting point for the youth and jazz. Jazz is full of improvisations and thus “every Friday a different journey awaits the audience” due to this nature of jazz. SAMM’s bistro jazz journey carries on with different themes, different musicians at Concerts and Festivals. Ceyhun Ergüven documents these journeys for the audience and for those who cannot be there. We share them with you from the social media accounts of SAMM’s bistro, Hotel SAMM and Ankaraca’Z.

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