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Urban Cool, Stylish but not Ostentatious!

Hotel SAMM is a hotel, which is “Registered as Boutique Hotel”.

The Hotel was awarded the “Tourism Operation License” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism/ Republic of Turkey in this category in 2010.


Art of Hospitality..
Having a unique story and design serving to it, Hotel SAMM offers a unique experience, which differs from the other city hotels

Placing art at the center of daily life transforms accommodation from an ordinary function into an invitation for personal and toolless communication. This invitation stands for all the audience walking and driving by the hotel, in addition to the hotel guests. There is a strong communication desire with the “display window gallery”, that can be watched from outside.

Contribution to the Life Culture of Ankara…

Hotel SAMM adopts this theme, which stands on the foundation of its existence, as a sustainable principle for everything.

Hotel SAMM not only exhibits the works of many Turkish designers and artists inside the Hotel, but also organizes art events and supports many events which contribute to the Art-Culture life of the city.

Hotel SAMM regularly organizes Jazz events between November and June, takes photos of these events and shares them with their audiences. It also offers sponsorship of events and accommodation for festivals, concerts and exhibitions.

Tailor-made, meticulous Boutique Service…

Authentic activities are performed in pursuant to the service principle of “tailor-made” in the joyous, calm and sincere atmosphere of the Hotel SAMM which was renovated with modern, minimalist design understanding and components.

Our priority is to host our guests with one-to-one, meticulous and warm communication and to meet their expectations. It is very important for us to make our guests feel at home, special and satisfied with our smiling and sincere staff.

Hotel SAMM seeks to create a difference by appealing to all senses and creating a complete experience with its architectural details, scale, design principles, its menu changing according to seasons, works of arts and its music events, jazz in particular.